Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 18th and 19th

Pancake Day 

Sundae Day 

Inquiry into Language 
Students took their planner from the 17th and turned it into a letter to Ms. Loren the lunch lady giving their opinion on why she should sell their favourite food.

Students worked on giving 3 reasons as to why they prefer hotdog over hamburger or vice versa.

Students learned the difference between a metre and a cm. They worked with their table groups and a metre stick to find items in the classroom that were shorter/longer/same as 1metre. Students also worked on recognizing when they would use a metre and when they would use a ruler.

Inquiry into Cultures through Art 

Happy Birthday Saraya
We have raised $8000 so far!!!!! We got to put Makeup on Mr. Rosario

Jasper was top student today and got to pick a teacher to pie in the face he pied MR.FOSTER

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April 17th

Popcorn day has been moved to next Monday 

SPRING FUNDRAISER!!!!! Our annual Spring Fundraiser is fast approaching. This year our Spring Fundraiser will run from Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20. All of the funds raised this year will go towards improving technology for our classrooms. Each day that week, we will host a different activity. Wednesday is Pancake Breakfast. Order 1 pancake for $2 or 3 pancakes for $5. Gluten-free pancakes are also available! 1 gluten-free pancake for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00. On Thursday, enjoy an ice cream sundae for $5. Sundaes include two scoops of vanilla OR chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Add a banana or apple for $1. To wrap up the week we will be hosting a dance party for $5. Order forms have been sent home and will be due no later than Thursday, April 12. For students who collect a minimum of $35, they will get to enjoy a morning or afternoon at Kidsport. Please use the pledge sheet provided and be sure to turn in on a daily basis! Daily prizes for the most amount of money brought in are; bonus casual days, getting to sit at your teacher’s desk for a day, or shooting Mr. Foster with a Nerf gun. School wide fundraising targets will allow students the opportunity to give Mr. Rozario a makeup lesson or water balloon their teachers. So, get out there SJA, and raise some money!!!!!

Arts' Night Update!
We are asking students to bring in 2 photos

1 of them as a baby/toddler  and 1 of them from today

Please send in the agenda by end of next week

We are excited to let you know that our Arts' Night performances this year will be held at The City Church auditorium located on Argentina road, just a 3 minute drive from the school. With this new venue, we have extra lighting, surround sound, a larger and higher stage, more seating, and much more! This will give you and your family

Spelling Words
1. where
2. why
3.  when
4.  mother
5.  white
6.  father
7.  bath
8. with
9. while
10. month

You are now able to order for May Lunches. The deadline for May lunches is Saturday, April 28th, 2018.  After this date, our system closes and is unable to open for April ordering.  Please make sure your child is under the correct grade. 
All payments are due on Friday, May 4th, 2018.

A group of Grade 6s are promoting Meatless Mondays for their Exhibition project. They have come up with this month's special, which is Crispy Cauliflower Bites for $4.50 with a side of tzatziki dip that will be available every Monday! You will find more information about Meatless Mondays around the school.

Payment Instructions
  • There are two options to pay for lunches. Cash and Freshbooks.
  • Shortly after completing your order, a Freshbooks invoice will be sent to your email.
  • It may take one or two days to process your order to Freshbooks, so please be check your email diligently for the invoice. 
  • We no longer accept cheque as a method of payment.

If you have any questions concerning the Lunch Ordering site or Freshbooks, feel free to email me at

Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

We continued to learn our new unit on measurement. We reviewed how to use a ruler (starting at 0cm) 
We then moved on to perimeter (the distance around an object) 

Today we worked on what an opinion is. We discussed how you can give your opinion to others but you cannot force them to have the same opinion as you. Today we wrote our favourite food and 2 reasons why it is their favourite. Students were told to write their opinion in a way to persuade others to try their favourite food. 

Students then completed their weekly spelling words in their spelling work out books. 

Today students learned about the Day of the Dead 

Día de los Muertos 

students watched a short video describing this day and then listened to a story about it. After this students created their own day of the dead sugar skulls. 

We ended our day by having gym class with Ms. Yustin, you can check out her blog at